Corona Virus (covid-19)

                                                                           Update 29th November  2021.  

Due to the current situation and announcements by Government there .

will be no easing of our current system .

.                                    A BIG THANKYOU TO OUR CUSTOMERS FOR CO OPERATING

NO customer may enter the cattery or reception yet and Viewings are also not possible at this time

Where busy an appointment system  will be used to avoid more than one client arriving at the same time.

NO bedding can be brought along and nothing inside the cat carrier except newspaper. ( and a cat lol)

On arrival please ring the bell as normal ( it is regularly sanitized) and place the cat in its carrier, on the Table in

the Gazebo. Please then stand back  behind the table and  have your vaccination card ready for us to check..

                                                masks are optional as long as we keep well apart.

if possible please phone  before collecting your cats. Your cat's carrier will be freshly sanitized for you.

Payment will still be by cash or cheque, as before .


Please stay safe everyone.."HANDS-FACE-SPACE.